Is Secondary Amenorrhea the Reason I Miss My Period?

Secondary amenorrhea is defined as the absence of periods for a length of time equivalent to a total of at least three of the previous cycle intervals or 6 months. The initial workup of secondary amenorrhea, after excluding a pregnancy, begins with a prolactin level, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) level, and a progesterone challenge test. … Read more

Have You Suffered from Primary Amenorrhea?

Primary Amenorrhea vs. Secondary Amenorrhea  Amenorrhea can be subgrouped as primary or secondary. Primary amenorrhea is either the absence of periods by the age of 14, along with the absence of growth or development of secondary sexual characteristics (presence of axillary or pubic hair, breast development or growth); or absence of periods by the age … Read more

The Best Supplements to Take When Trying to Conceive

Can we all agree that what we put into our bodies matters? Still, how do nutrition and nutritional supplements relate to fertility? If there’s one subject that confuses would-be moms and dads, it’s supplements. And just to make things more complicated, not everyone needs the same advice. That’s where a little bit of knowledge and … Read more

10 Common Fertility Myths in 2021…BUSTED!

10 fertility myths busted

Fertility can be a really overwhelming subject. There is so much misinformation about fertility that it’s easy for patients to get confused about what they should believe and what they should ignore. So, let’s share some of the most common myths about getting pregnant and help you understand the real truth about this important topic … Read more

The Complete Fertility Workup

what is a complete fertility workup

Have you ever wondered how a Fertility Specialist actually tests your fertility? Read about the different tests and information your doctor gathers to assess your fertility potential. Introduction “Why am I not getting pregnant?” If you have asked yourself this question, don’t worry, you’re not alone. One in 7 couples struggle to conceive and there … Read more

10 Signs You Should See a Fertility Specialist

10 signs you should see a fertility specialist

You’ve been trying to build your family, but nothing is working. When should you see a specialist? Here are 10 sure signs you should see a fertility doctor now. Introduction The textbook definition of infertility is the inability to conceive after 12 months of trying. However, there are certain groups of patients that are at … Read more

Should I Get the COVID-19 Vaccine if I am Trying to Get Pregnant?

should you get the covid vaccine if you are trying to get pregnant

Trying to get pregnant or already pregnant and worried about the COVID-19 vaccine? See answers to some frequently asked questions surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine. Introduction It has been more than a year since the first case of COVID-19 was identified in the United States. We have learned so much about the coronavirus and developed ways … Read more

How to Make Sense of a Semen Analysis

how to make sense of a semen analysis

The semen analysis is a test used to assess the health and quality of sperm. Here is an explanation of what the results mean for your fertility. Introduction With so much emphasis on female fertility, it’s easy to forget about the other key ingredient to achieving a pregnancy: healthy sperm. In fact, male factor infertility … Read more