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Financial Support for Fertility Patients

RISE Fertility is aware that many patients seeking advanced fertility care in a concierge setting are often daunted by the potential and perceived costs. It can be the final barrier.

At RISE Fertility, we remove the financial barrier with PatientFi.

Custom Fertility Financing Packages

Many patients seeking advanced fertility care in a concierge setting often don’t proceed due to perceived unaffordability. We remove this financial barrier with PatientFi.

RISE has partnered with PatientFi to make your fertility treatments more accessible and affordable.

Say goodbye to the daunting barrier of high upfront costs and hello to your next IVF cycle.

Custom financing options will make your fertility journey even more affordable. RISE Fertility has finance options available to help with the fertility treatment you are seeking.

Pay for your IVF through convenient monthly payments and say yes to the elective procedure you need.

We are aware of the potential and perceived high costs of fertility treatments. Good news! We have a solution for you.


Fertility Financing Made Easy

RISE Fertility offers custom financing options exclusive for our patients. We are the first and only fertility practice to offer this unique financial support because we know it can be the final barrier to end in baby steps.

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Apply for Fertility Financing in 4 Easy Steps

RISE Fertility offers its patients a number of different financing or payment options
depending on your specific needs. You can apply for financing right from your phone
and the process takes only a few minutes.

Our 0% financing plans include fixed monthly payments and low interest
rates over longer periods of time. Once you are approved
for the loan, you are on your way!


Sign Up

Our team will email you a link so can sign up for the RISE financing program right on your phone.

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Get Pre-Approved

Don't worry, there's no impact to your credit score when you apply for financing from RISE.

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Choose Your Payment Plan

Choose the loan terms and payment plan that best fits the needs for you and your family.

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Start Your Treatment

Once you are approved for the loan, the funds are released & you are ready to go! Get started today!

rise fertility loan options


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