Navigating the Cost of Fertility Treatments

Affordability and accessibility should never stand in the way of your dream for a family. But just as you investigate the best approach for resolving your fertility issues and regain some of that hope you nearly lost, you begin adding up the cost. Yikes! You knew it was expensive-everyone tells you that-but somehow you thought you’d afford it. So now you feel discouraged all over again. 

The High Cost of Infertility 

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, with the average cost of IVF and related treatments can run between $20,000-$25,000 in the US (according to RESOLVE, the national infertility association) for JUST ONE CYCLE, it’s safe to say most patients are a little taken aback by the cost of fertility treatments. 

Additional tests and safeguards, such as preimplantation genetic testing to ensure the health and viability of your embryo, freezing any additional embryos, along with medications that facilitate IVF and other treatment procedures, can increase the average cost by another approximately $5,000 per cycle. There are many reasons why some couples and individuals seek treatment or assistance when it comes to their fertility.  

If you need fertility treatment to realize your dream of having a child, you definitely should plan financially. But you should know there are ways to do so without putting your financial footing in jeopardy. Here are some ways you can conquer the cost of fertility treatments. 

Does Insurance Cover Any Portion of Fertility Treatment? 

Depending on where you live in the US, your health insurance may cover a portion of your treatment. 12 states, including California, cover fertility preservation (egg, sperm, or embryo freezing) for individuals whose medical treatment results in compromised fertility, such as cancer treatments or military deployment. 

Insurers generally have a fixed reimbursement rate depending on the procedure. These reimbursement rates depend on a system called the common procedure terminology code, or CPT. Determining the rates varies by insurance company, but once set, the insurer doesn’t waiver from them. Not long ago, CPT codes didn’t even exist in advanced reproductive medicine. No-code-no-coverage was the approach insurers took, even in cases where the provider was in-network. 

Thanks to advocacy groups such as RESOLVE, backed by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, pressure on many of the big insurers convinced them to provide coverage, so the cost of treatments wasn’t so overwhelming for patients. State legislation continues to find ways to improve the affordability and accessibility of fertility treatments. 

Working to Improve Affordability  

We believe in affordability and accessibility for all patients and actively take steps to remove the financial barrier preventing you from realizing your dream. At RISE Fertility, we’re transparent regarding the total cost of fertility treatments and our custom treatment packages. Further, we offer custom financing options that make your fertility treatment more affordable. That includes paying overtime if that’s the most sensible option. Let us help explore your options for payment plans and low-interest/no-interest financing and find a solution that works for you. 

How You Can Breathe Easy  

RISE Fertility can offer you, our patients, finance options that work with your lifestyle. You and your doctor determine the fertility treatment plan that’s right for you, and RISE Fertility works on determining the most affordable monthly payment plan.  

Our simple and fast approval process, multiple options, flexible terms and rates, and fairly priced treatment packages mean you never need to place your dreams on hold because of affordability. You’ll just breathe easier with RISE Fertility. 

We Work With You 

At RISE Fertility, we understand financing your dream shouldn’t require risking your financial stability. If affordability is preventing you from accessing the help you need to overcome your infertility, don’t worry. RISE has your back.  

At RISE, we care, and we’ll help you navigate your fertility and financial journey. Contact the team at RISE Fertility today, and together we’ll find a way. 

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