Top Reasons for Freezing Your Eggs

Should I freeze my eggs? It’s a question many women ask themselves if they aren’t quite ready to have a family. Knowing whether egg freezing is right for you may depend on personal, professional or even medical considerations. Discussing all of these factors with your doctor will help determine whether it’s the right option for you. 

The Tick of The Biological Clock

As women age, their biological clock ticks louder (maybe you’ve even heard your own!). In terms of fertility, that means you’re inching closer to menopause with your eggs diminishing in both number and quality. After age 40, the majority of eggs are no longer viable and chance of conception drastically lowers

Maybe you’re at a career crossroads, haven’t met the right partner–or simply aren’t ready for a family. By freezing your eggs at their “peak,” you have a better chance at conception when the time is right. In your mid 30s, your ovarian reserve (egg quantity) and fertility begins to decline, making the optimum time for freezing your eggs under age 35. However, if you’re still able to get pregnant, you’re also still able to freeze your eggs. 

Top Reasons for Egg Freezing

Below are other reasons women choose to freeze their eggs. 

It’s Not the Right Time

Parenthood is not something you want to rush into if you’re not completely ready. As mentioned above, freezing your eggs affords you the time you need to build your career, achieve personal goals and, if important to you, find a partner. 

To Avoid Regret

When you do decide the time is right to have a child, you hope everything goes according to plan. But depending on your age, your eggs may not be viable enough for a successful pregnancy. Freezing your eggs at their peak gives you a much better chance at a successful outcome. 

Health Issues Impacting Fertility

Cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy are toxic to the reproductive system, and infertility is often an unwelcome side effect. Freezing your eggs prior to cancer treatment is the best insurance should you decide to start a family later. 

Other conditions such as PCOS, thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions and endometriosis are also a threat to your ovarian reserve. And some medications used to treat chronic conditions can also negatively impact your fertility. If you suffer from any of the above conditions or take medication regularly, discuss freezing your eggs with your doctor.

Gender Transitioning Options

For those who may want biological children someday but are undergoing gender transition, egg freezing is an option prior to beginning hormone therapy. Again, this is a decision best discussed with your doctor.

LGBTQ Community Family Building

For same sex female couples, egg freezing also provides the freedom to choose when to start a family, along with the opportunity for one or both partners to preserve their fertility. When the time is right, IVF with donor sperm provides the best path to parenthood. 

Give Yourself the Best Chance for Parenthood

Everything discussed here comes down to proactively preserving your fertility and providing you the freedom to choose when to start a family. For more information about whether egg freezing is right for you, contact Rise Fertility today.

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